Traditional Okinawan Karatedo Mixed With Practical
Reality Based Self-Defense

Welcome to our family

Traditional Martial Arts Centers aim to help our students enhance their personal growth potential through the traditional training methods of Okinawan Karatedo. Embracing the values of Respect, Discipline and Determination will help advance students beyond their expectations to achieve a greater level of physical development and capability. The training challenges presented daily will instill a sense of self confidence and create the building blocks of strong character development. Utilization of traditional martial arts practice skills will serve as a pathway toward understanding concepts such as situational awareness, human movement, conflict resolution and individual achievement. Through participation in our curriculum, Traditional Martial Arts Centers will provide a gateway to self-improvement, helping to create the changes in life that are most significant and worth striving for.

Traditional Martial Arts Centers is located at 1219 Rt. 25A Smithtown, New York 11787 and can be reached by calling: 631-828-8710

What We Offer

A curriculum that unifies modern day reality focused training concepts with the form and techniques refined through generations of Okinawan martial arts.

Targeted Training

Exercises specifically developed to target flexibility, strength, balance and body awareness.

Opportunity to learn the historical basis and significance of kata, the ancient patterns of movement specifically designed to counter acts of aggressive physical violence from any direction and their hidden self defense applications.

Kobudo, the practice of ancient Okinawan weaponry and its application.

Our Lineage

Through our association with Shorin Ryu Karatedo International, you will be become part of a lineage that includes the greatest pioneers of Okinawan martial arts. You will learn how the traditions, philosophies and practice skills of these Masters helped shape what has become modern martial arts.